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What are the advantages of steel tube concrete column shear wall structure?
Jan 08, 2015

789.jpg1. The compressive strength and shear resistance of steel tube concrete column shear wall are good. 

2. The anti-seismic performance is superior and the ductility is good. The axial compression ratio of the steel tube can not be restricted and control slenderness ratio when steel tube concrete column used in high-rise buildings. Under the action of pressure, bending and shear cyclic load, the hysteresis curve between horizontal force P and displacement △ is very high.

3. It can give full play to the carrying capacity of high strength concrete and prevent its brittleness.

4. It use common plate, the thickness is generally not more than 40mm, max 50mm, easy to get material , manufacture and install.

5. The construction of steel pipe concrete column shear wall is simple, which creates the conditions for rapid construction.

6. It has good fire resistance. It can save two thirds of fire retardant coating, compared with reinforced concrete shear wall structure. Therefore, the project cost is reduced. Fire resistance of steel tube concrete column shear wall is better than reinforced concrete shear wall structure. This is because the steel tube contains a lot of concrete, which can absorb a lot of heat. The low thermal conductivity and specific heat of concrete is big, so when a fire, shear wall section of the uneven distribution of temperature, the more to the center, the temperature, the more lag, so, the bearing capacity of the shear wall falling slowly, increase the shear wall refractory time, it is good for the safety of the structure.

7. Steel tube concrete has good economic benefits relative to steel and reinforced concrete, and the economic benefit of concrete-filled steel pipe is significant. Compared with steel column, it can save 50% steel and reduce the cost by about 45%. Compared with reinforced concrete, it can save 70% of the concrete, reduce the self-weight 70% and save the template 100%, the amount of steel is equal or slightly more.

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