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Why does the thin wall stainless steel pipe corrode
Mar 13, 2018

Why does the thin wall stainless steel pipe corrode and what can we do to prevent it?

Since the thin wall stainless steel pipe created,it benefit a lot of people with the characteristics of light weight,bright colour,long service life and no secondary pollution.Hence It is the most ideal series of healthy water system.


Well,nothing is perfect, the thin wall stainless steel pipe will be corroded.

 First we should know,there is 1nm passive film on the surface of stainless steel pipe,that’s the protective barrier to separate pipe and aggressive medium. Once this medium is broken,the pipe will lose its mechanical properties.

Next let’s analysis how does the thin wall stainless steel pipe corroded.

1. The customer purchase different pipes. Although they have the same steel grade,different factory may purchase different steel or stainless steel.

2. Constructor use ordinary pipe fittings instead of the one factory provides. For example,use carbon steel flange rather than stainless steel flange to connect pipe and pipe.

3. The opening in the installation process of the pipe system is not blocked in time,contaminants in the field corrodes the inner wall of the thin wall stainless steel pipe.

4. Another important factor is the constructors. Lack of the experience of compress,nonstandard operation can also make the steel pipe corroded.


In view of the above reasons, we take the following measures.

1. Before install the thin wall stainless steel pipe,train the worker to insure the rigorous even perfect work.

2. Use the products with the same factory the same steel and the same steel grade.

3. Blocking the opening in time when install the pipes.

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