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Blank Flange

Standard: ASME/ANSI B16.5,ASME B16.47. BS 4504,BS EN 1092-1. DIN 2630-2637,257,2543,2545 (PL,SO,WN,BL,TH). SANS 1123. JIS 5K,10K,16K,20K (PL,SO,BL).

● Brief:

Blank flange is also named blind flange and flange cover. It’s the flange with no holes in the middle, used to seal the pipe end. The function is the same as the cap. The blind sealing is a dismountable sealing device. But the seal of the cap is not ready to be opened again.


● Classify:

Plate flat plate blind, Figure 8, slip spade and back ring.


● Details:

Blank Flange.jpg


● Package 

Wooden cases, pallets.

Blank Flange 1.jpg

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