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Thread Pipe Fittings

Threaded pipe fittings are pipe fittings with thread. Commonly used for water gas pipe, small diameter water pipe, compressed air pipe and low pressure steam pipe. A pipe is connected with a threaded pipe end to form a pipe. Thread can be coated with appropriate cement (such as thick white paint, lead monoxide glycerin cement, etc.) to ensure that the seal.
There are many kinds of threaded pipe fittings, which play an important role in pipe connection and are superior to other joints in various aspects. The weight of the most important point is the use of threaded pipe fittings is very convenient and fast, and there is no difficulty in operation. There are no special construction requirements, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work.
In addition, the size of the threaded pipe joint specifications, in the case of small space can also ensure the smooth operation. Due to the simple use of threaded pipe joints, ordinary workers can successfully complete the work, will not be affected by additional, to ensure the stability of performance.
High joint strength. Stable performance. Connection speed. Wide application. Facilitate the management. Remarkable economic and social benefits. Low labor intensity.
About us:
Established in 1976, Shengtai Pipeline is one of thread pipe fittings manufacturers in north China. Our factory offers high quality thread pipe fittings with reasonable price. Hope you enjoy your shopping.