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Press Fittings

The press fittings are the connecting tool between the pipe and the pipe, and the connecting point between the component and the pipe can be disassembled and assembled. It is one of the two main components of hydraulic pipe. The press fitting is used for straight line connection of instrument, etc. It is mainly used for small diameter low-pressure pipelines, for the parts that need to be installed and removed frequently, or for the final adjustment of pipes with threaded fittings.
Because the press fitting belongs to the connection element of detachable type, it must meet the requirements of normal connection stability, strong sealing, reasonable size, small pressure loss, good process performance and so on. It must also meet the requirements of disassembly and assembly convenience. Therefore, do not underestimate that a small press fitting, because only its existence can support the existence of the entire hydraulic system.
Hydraulic hose, high pressure ball valve, quick couplings, bayonet couplings, welded couplings, high pressure hoses.
Transition couplings, bayonet couplings, three-way couplings, non-standard couplings, flanged couplings, rectangular couplings, rotary couplings, quick couplings, stainless steel couplings, copper couplings.
About us:
Established in 1976, Shengtai Pipeline is one of press fittings manufacturers in north China. Our factory offers high quality press fittings with reasonable price. Hope you enjoy your shopping.