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  • Seamless Steel Pipe

    Seamless Steel Pipe

    Seamless steel pipe is a kind of long steel with hollow section and no joint around. According to the production method, it is divided into hot rolled pipe, cold rolled tube, cold drawn pipe and so on. Seamless steel tube has a hollow section and is widely used as a pipeline for conveying fluid, such as oil, natural gas, gas, water and s
  • Welded Steel Pipe

    Welded Steel Pipe

    Welded steel pipe refers to the steel pipe with joints on the surface which is welded after the steel belt or steel plate is bent and deformed into the shape of circle or square. The blank used for welded steel pipe is steel plate or strip. The process can be divided into arc welding pipe, resistance welding pipe (high frequency, low fr
  • Hollow Section

    Hollow Section

    Hollow section is a name for square tube and rectangular tube. That is the steel pipe with same side length and unequal side length. According to the production process, the hollow section is divided into hot-rolled seamless square tube, cold-drawn seamless square tube, extruded seamless square tube and welded square tube. About us: Est
  • Press Fit System

    Press Fit System

    Press fit fittings is connection fittings which has the characteristics of reliable and safe connection, convenient and quick construction, suitable for embedded installation, maintenance free and renewal, and superior economy. Installation tools of the press fit fittings. Manual pipe cutter, manual hydraulic tools(Used for engineerin
  • Pipe Fittings

    Pipe Fittings

    Pipe fitting is a general name for the parts that connect, control, deflect, shunt, seal and support the Pipe system. Classifcation: Steel pipe fittings are pressure fittings. According to the different processing technology, it is divided into four categories, that is, butt welding type pipe fittings (weld and no weld), socket welding
  • Valves


    Valve is the pipeline fittings which used to open and close pipes, control flow direction, adjust and control the parameters of transport medium. According to its function, it can be divided into shutoff valve (gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, etc), check valve, regulating valve and so on. A valve is a device that ca