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SAW Steel Pipe

SAW steel pipe 1.Product specification of the SAW steel pipe. Size: 219-3500mm Thickness: 6-28mm Length: 11.8meters, 12 meters, or according to the order requirements. 2.Product standard & grade of the SAW steel pipe. Standard: API 5L,ASTM A53,GB/T3091,GB/T9711 etc. Grade: API 5L...

● Data:

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● Advantage of SAW steel pipe.

1.Different diameter steel pipes can be produced by using the same width of strip steel. Especially can use the narrow strip steel to produce the big diameter steel pipe.

2. Under the same pressure conditions, the stress of spiral weld is less than straight seam, it’s 75% ~ 90% of straight welded pipe. So it able to under high pressure. Compared with the straight welded pipe with the same outside diameter, the wall thickness can be reduced by 10% ~ 25% under the same pressure.

3.Size is accurate. Generally, the diameter tolerance should not exceed 0.12%, deflection less than 1/2000, ellipticity less than 1%.

4.It can produce continuously. Theoretically, infinite long steel tubes can be produced. The loss of cutting head and tail is small, which can increase the utilization rate of metal by 6% ~ 8%.

5. Compared with straight welded pipe, it is more flexible in operation and convenient in variety adjustment.

6. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation.

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