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ERW Steel Pipe

Erw steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe with longitudinal parallel of welding seam and steel pipe. It is usually divided into metric welded steel pipe, welded thin wall pipe, transformer cooling pipe and so on. Its process is simple with high production efficiency and low cost.
Erw steel pipe is widely used in the market because of its unique characteristics. Because the welding process cost is relatively low, and the use of forged steel, extrusion, rolling and drawing steel production process can be manufactured, and the specification is determined, so for a wide range of applications to provide the possible.
ERW stands for resistance welding, which is characterized by high production efficiency, low cost, material saving and easy automation. Therefore, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automobile, light industry and other industrial sectors, and is one of the important welding processes.
About us:
Established in 1976, Shengtai Pipeline is one of erw steel pipe manufacturers in north China. Our factory offers high quality erw steel pipe with reasonable price. Hope you enjoy your shopping.
  • ERW Steel Tube

    ERW Steel Tube

    ERW steel pipe is Electric Resistance Welding Steel Pipe. The abbreviation is ERW for short. Used to transport oil, natural gas and other vapor liquid objects. It can meet various requirements of high and low pressure. At present, it occupies a pivotal position in the field...Read More
  • Pre Galvanized Steel Pipe

    Pre Galvanized Steel Pipe

    Pre galvanized steel pipe
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  • Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe
  • BS 1387 galvanized steel pipe

    BS 1387 galvanized steel pipe

    Pipe Standard: PI 5L,ASTM A53,GB/T3091 etc
    Galvanized Standard: BS1387, GB/T 13912 etc
    Length:Random & fixed length
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  • ASTM A53 ERW steel pipes

    ASTM A53 ERW steel pipes

    Outer Diameter :21.3-610mm
    Wall Thickness :1.0-25mm
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  • Scaffolding Steel Tubes

    Scaffolding Steel Tubes

    scaffolding steel tubes 1.Product specification of the scaffolding steel tubes. 48*2.5mm, 48*2.75mm, 48*3.0mm, 48*3.25mm and so on. Length: 1~6 meters or according to clients’ requirements. 2.Product standard & material of the scaffolding steel tubes. Standard: ASTM A53,...Read More
  • G3452 black steel pipe

    G3452 black steel pipe

    OD: 21.3-610mm
    WT: 1.0-25mm
    Length: Random & fixed length
    MOQ: 1 pcs
    Sample: Available
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  • Small Diameter Steel Pipe

    Small Diameter Steel Pipe

    small diameter steel pipe Small diameter steel pipe is steel tube with small diameter. Small diameter steel tube can also be divided into small diameter seamless steel pipe and small diameter welded steel pipe. Material include A53-F, A283-D, GGP, STPY41, St33, A315-B,...Read More
  • Welded Steel Pipes

    Welded Steel Pipes

    Production process:ERW
    MOQ: 1 pcs
    Sample: Available
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